Friday, September 30, 2005

Buy or Barter

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I am distributing some of Heather's cards through Amazon Alchemy. This is a sample of a selection which you will eventually be able to choose from. Raven Comes to the Gypsy Camp was made after the Hermit requested that Heather create cards using her sketches. Gift packs of three, which will include Raven Comes to the Gypsy Camp, Amazon Queen Alchemy and the Amazon Queen's Glade (Limora's Glade) will be retailing for nine Australian Dollars.

Bartering and trading is welcome. I love to keep pretty things in my bower and so I will exchange cards for small pieces of art work. For the moment however, the only card available is Raven Comes to the Gypsy Camp.

Contact Heather for more details.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hermitage Publications - Create, Create..

Create, Create....the journey is all...
copyright word and image Monika Roleff 2005.

Monday, September 26, 2005

A corner of the market


There is a spot here in the market square --
a stall of sorts,
if a tumbling wall makes a table,
and silk scarf or two in the branches
makes for a pavilion.

You might miss it with a mind on crumbly cakes,
or catch a fella’s eye;
for the old man sits close upon the tree
and there are but two baskets
full of twisty sticks.

Staves and canes and walking sticks be his fame,
so I’ve been told,
for I’ve never seen him sell a thing,
or barter fair or write an order down –
least wise not today.

Oh, past sunrise past a bit ‘til warm
a gent ambles by,
jingling purse and one-shoulder cape,
and feather never see a bird close by,
lookin’ fer a staff.

Said he wanted something magical
and would fit his style,
and was distressed a bit at how simple carved
the selection was and limited in size and count,
and interesting shape.

Yet, seems he just had to have an Annuur Stick,
or so they be called,
but wasn’t willing to pay the price set fast,
of standing on the stump and singing loud,
or a story tell.

Then a tiny whisp of girl still hand held
came just whistling by;
and the ol' man called out to her to attend,
in a voice more lightning than gentle wind,
and select a stick.

for ‘twas her poor father’s birthing day,
little to celebrate,
and all she had for him was a simple song
and a picnic of nuts and berries found,
by her love alone.

She held each finely crafted twisty stick,
which he called by name,
and marveled at the faces, flowers and symbols
carved dancing down their length
and round about.

There was one intricate with elves and charms
just quivering there,
that rightly jumped into her gleeful hands,
to pace proud ‘tween them tall and small
as they walked away.

No one else seemed to notice, or to care,
I’d be a guessin’,
seeing as you only find most magick
by not looking, but by giving it away
in innocence.

Amazon Queen Alchemy

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I am not sure if anyone else found the Amazon Queen's Alchemy table at the Sunday Market. I was sitting opposite, watching her, captivated as people came and went with her spells and potions. I had heard she was here but this is the first time that we managed to catch up with one another. We have been friends for a very long time but she can be elusive and is much quieter and shyer than most people expect.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Market Day on the Archipelago

I am just landing at the Donkey Airfield for the Art and Craft Fair on the Archipelago .... I didn't want to miss it as it is my favourite pastime going to craft markets and similiar.

I have so long wanted to buy an original painting as I only have 2 in my home at the moment ...I am looking for a landscape I think, not anything too modern and I don't understand way-out art at all .... I can't get the message .

Perhaps if Sylvia has any of her paper dolls then I would love to give them for Christmas presents when I return from my journey.

Anita may have a stall with some of her strange old bottles and knick-knacks from the old chemist shops .. I could add these to my collection of old wares I have dud up in the garden from time to time.

I believe Fran (Donkey Rep) has written and printed some of her work, I would love some of these.

I do like painted Mandalas and Labyrinths and those lovely wind chimes and the circular webs to catch good memories and vibes. Will Karen be there?

Stephanie does some interesting and beautiful art work I have one of her bowls with Robert Frost "The Road Less Travelled" I would love to purchase something else that grabs my attention.

Home made preserves by Trendle Ellwood I hope are there for sale.

(I am not sure if the Enchantress has put her art work in frames as yet, but if so I like the one at the tea room with the horse(Is it Pegasus) across the entrance. A copy would be nice as the original maybe too expensive.

On and on I could go. I have brought my purple knapsack with me but I don't think it will hold all I hope to buy.......

As I write I am meandering up the path from the airport and hope to catch up with all the crowd very soon

Have a happy day at the Fair,I know the weather has been kind ,the day being sunny and calm seas add to a beautiful setting.

Lois (Muse of the Sea) early Mon Morn or Late Sun Night.

Illustration from the Romany Oracle

This is an illuatration from my book The Romany Oracle. All my books are at

Jennifer June


Children's album cover I did.

The Fairies do the most gorgeous things!
Alexandra Roman


The Fairies are hard at work making beautiful things from natures own. Mixing and matching pretty stones with rare metals and woodsy beads. Colorful and natural they are The Fairies are hard at work making beautiful things from natures own. Mixing and matching pretty stones with rare metals and woodsy beads. Colorful and natural they are with a hint of fairy magic, indeed.

On the Road painting

L'Enchanteur et la Muse

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This painting I did for an altered book with a travel theme and seems appropriate here on this Sunday Morning. It is especially meaningful since we have a Luna among us.

Mixed Berry Knitted Table Runner

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Australian Gallery - Lemurian Archipelago Festivities

Scenes from an Australian Outdoor Feast...
copyright word and images Monika Roleff 2005.

My Champion

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illustration by Heather Blakey

And there he is
outside my window.
My childhood friend
waits for me.
I gently greet him.
And we are off
into the night.
The balmy air
surrounds us
the milky way
spills across
the universe

Dazzled by his
His wings
His intelligence
His strength
I hold him and say
I am sorry

Over water
in the distance
A cluster
He shows me
A secret place
On a lonely island
A forgotten temple

The flame is out
Brambles and weeds
cling everywhere
But the center altar has words:
Between sound and silence
Let serenity dance.

In this circular temple
A dead wick lay untouched
I find a stone of flint
Touching the flint to the wick
They sway knowingly to one another.
a flame blazes to life

Apparitions of priestesses appear
Transparent in moonlight
They lift their arms to the sky

Dancing in a circle
Around the altar
The temple bursts to life
Pure splendor
Solid golden pillars
Stand beautifully carved

Swirls of incense
Fruit and nuts gleam on the altar
The light shimmers magically
The brambles are cleared
There are only sacred priestesses
And me.

I follow their lead
We slowly walk out of the temple
Towards a circle of stones
A low hum emanates from the stones
Looking back at the temple
The sun is rising
A strange shadow moves
A shadow snake seems to slowly dance
On the temple wall
The head is the temple stairs.

I watch amazed
And one by one
the temple priestess
Walk back into the shadow
of the snake
And vanish

My darling
Watches me
in this circle of stones
Looking at the temple
Gone is the splendor
Gone is the gold
Only pitted stone remain
But the temple pillars stand
Like sentinels over this sacred spot.

When I was little
There was so much
I didn’t understand.
And even now
I don’t completely
But what I have seen,
Has been a gift.
of the equinox .

One of my little collage boxes

For some time now, Chet had felt there was something missing.
Then, suddenly, he realized what it was: his pants.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Lemurian Archipelago

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Just down from Duwamish lies the Lemurian Archipelago. The ocean here is a living place where everything is governed by the laws of magic. The coastline is dotted with archipelagos and deserted islands. Every resident of Lemuria, including Heather, Baba Yaga, The Gorgons and the Amazon Queen have their own personal island or archipelego which they must maintain through the use of magic.

The truth is that most of us like to spend a lot of time, weather permitting, on these islands and some time ago I set up a market which is frequented by lots of peddlers who come to show and sell their wares.

After years of being happy to just come and look at the curiosities on display I decided to set up a place where artists could dip their toes in the waters and see if magic would happen. They show their work at my island on the Archipelago first. The gathering has become so popular that these days hawkers come looking to see what new work I am offering. Imogen Crest, Ashley Shea, Eternally Luna, Anita Marie, Karen Roberts each like to see if there are new artists whose work might be suited to their galleries.

Boats leave regularly from the Duwamish pier so give one of the Ferry Women a call and they will bring you out here. The Archipelago is a bustling, thriving market but there are still plenty of quiet places to retreat to if you want to escape the crowd and just enjoy the surroundings. And there are islands available for those who want to set up places where they can enjoy a sea change.

I understand Heather is planning a collection of sketches on life on the Archipelago. Could be interesting.