Saturday, December 31, 2005

A strange new flower

A strange new flower
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I planted a tiny poem and found these seeds on the topmost shelf. Happy New Year to all who share
the smorgasborg at the Soul Food Cafe

Sunday, December 11, 2005

LEMON BUTTER-----Circa 1950-----

So many brilliant artists
Tapestry makers
Post card swappers
Sweet potions and oil gatherers
Juices squeezed from ripe fruit
Old time stews and casseroles for winter months
Soups to tantalise the pallet
Pasties and pies to delight the hungry
But what of me I thought

Arty and crafty I am not,
Have never made one garment in 70 years
A knitted scarf is my total output now
Painter (Yes of rooms and houses)
No easel or tubes of paint are in my cupboards
A spinning wheel lies idle
Knitting needles and books fill a drawer
Crochet hooks now never used

I was feeling un-creatuive,
What could I make to sell at the market place ?
A bright light dawned as I looked through the
kitchen window
Lemons on my tree
Why not make Lemon Butter said I
Here is the Recipe
12 lEMONS ripe of course
12 ozs of Butter
12 eggs
3 lb sugar
1.Wipe lemons,grate rind using only the yellow part,
Squeeze out the juice
2.Beat the eggs in a pan & add the grated rind,juice,sugar & Butter
3.Cook over boiling water in pan stirring until butter dissolves ,let water simmer under the pan gently stir occasionally
4.Cook for 15 minutes after the lemon butter begins to thicken
5.Pour into prepared clean jars and seal placing a piece of
grease proof paper on when cool ,then lid (Best to use metal lids).

Ok, now to the Label......What to put.
Port Melbourne Lemon Butter 2005
Lois's Lemon Butter 2005
Home made Lemon Butter by Lois 2005
No I thought none of these seemed suitable.

Then It came to me
With permission from Imogen (Monika)

"Golden Grove Lemon Juice 2005"

Now it tastes wonderful,friends neighbours have
declined a jar saying it is the most fattening of spreads
better to buy from the Supermarket as it is made with low fat
ingredients...artificial sugar and what they use for butter who knows

So I will have it at the Archipelago Sunday Market,
look for me there under a bright yellow umbrella.
PS. I will need to put it into very very small jars
it really does'nt make a lot even with 12 lemons and 12os butter,and 12 eggs.....

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 12/10/05.

red umbrellas

Saturday, December 10, 2005

In faire trade

Lois posted --- (about lost charity)

I ask Faucon

"Will they come again those times"
Oh wise one please tell me YES.

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 9-12-05

In response ..

The Goddess whispers from the sea,

"again and again,
as currents beneath the waves --
unseen, but known to thee."

And the maiden asked of mentors,
siblings, parents and teachers --
"is there a truth in charity and love,
found in each person and soul?"

and she was told to eat her porridge
like the other silent children,
and count her blessings and pray …

"again and again,
as currents beneath the waves --"

As a mother she asked of friends,
and lovers and children and dreams,
"as I gift life and love in charity,
do I speak to the soul or troubled mind?"

and she was told to bide her time,
like other confused parents,
and find wisdom in contemplation."

"again and again,
as currents beneath the waves --"

As an aging crone she asked no questions,
but spoke to strangers one and all,
"Thank you for just being -- in passing close,
and gifting me selfless love unknowlingly."

And in return she got nothing,
like others finding peace,
which she cherished dearly …

"again and again,
as currents beneath the waves --"