Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Royal Alchemist to The Amazon Queens has arrived

H.R.H. Gwen Guin, the Amazon Queen's Alchemist Arrives

And so, with no fuss or fanfare H. R. H. Gwen Guin enters her minute kingdom. Not known for her Warrior Skills, she found her focus to be Alchemist to the Royal Amazonian House. Her 'specialty' if you will, is herbals, potions, oils, salves, teas,and soaps. It is her alchemy that keeps the Warrior-Women feminine and blessed with their well-known loveliness.

From H. R. H. Gwen Guin

"Greeting dears,
I have chosen to make available through Soul Food Cafe these same herbal wonders that have been used by the Amazon Queens for millenia.Here in this magic realm is the only place that one can find Amazon Queen Alchemy.

As you know, Amazons are regularly long-lived, there are several QAueens of note that lived and ruled well beyond their centanarial. They are also noted for their ehduring beauty, they have often written in their Journes, or Journals as you call them, of the role that The Royal Alchemist played a key role in their youthful visages.

Do not mistake me, this was no vanity, it was an integral part of the reputation the Warrior-Women must maintain. They actively trained daily from age eighteen until they returned Home. The impression of youth gave them an advantage, many of their enemies were unable to muster a powerful defence against young women.

"Surely they couldn't be seasoned warriors!! Look at their soft skin and silken hair!"

This was their undoing, for the sweet young girls are in truth Warrior-Women in their prime. Strength that is already legendary, tempered by experience and confidence. Each Squad is judged by it's scars. The fewer the better, so there is a lively trade in scar clearing regimens."

I am honoured to share this with the people who wander Soul Food's Halls.
May the God and Goddess bless you until we speak again.
H. R. H. Gwen Guin,
Royal Alchemist to the Amazon Queens

Here, within these inviting and tempting walls you will eventually see soaps of all sorts, a growing variety of oils, cremes, bath oils, bath salts, hair rinses, scrubs and facials. I will also create custom-ordered gift boxes, already available are psoriasis, antifungal, and arthritis regimins.

In the development stages are more regimens, one of the first I want to have formulated is a burn regimen. If you are interested in prices, or have a regimen you would like to see created, please contact me at GwenGuin005@aol.com .


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I anxously wait for your display.


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