Saturday, October 08, 2005

Priceless items for lease

Odds and Ends

I have collected, perhaps by chance,
perchance by magickal guidance --
a number of items one might call
"Dream Seeds". These I would release
here at the marketplace. The price is enormous!
Each purchaser must compose a story or poem
about the item and the dream it invokes.

Use of the item is for one month only --
I am but there caretaker, after all.

These "Dream Flowers" must be posted here,
with full understanding that they might find
there way into a book, for which the author
will gain nothing but mention of their name.

If these items go quickly, I will ask Kiyan for others
that he may have gathered in his travels.


This was found on a trip to Uskadar, Turkey.
It was caught in a thorn bush where it had blown.
It carried a magnificent perfume (now gone)
that told of a most beautiful lady.

There is a slight stain on one edge that might be tears.
It is of the finest quality hand woven silk,
with a rolled edge bound in silver thread.

It is the color of sea foam with a touch of pink.

Item 2: A DAGGAR

This is very old and unique in style.
The blade is about 10" long and stained with use,
but still very sharp as it is of folded steel in the
Toledo way. Its back is straight and made rigid
by a cross piece running from full tang to point.
The cutting edge is slightly curved. My first impression
was that it had been designed to penetrate chain mail.
The handle is of bone with a knob of resin. Some carvings
still show on the blade and handle.

I found this imbedded in a dead tree so deeply
the hemlock had to be cut down to remove it.


The is a double carving that fits comfortably
in the palm of one's hand and is meant to be rubbed.
It has two chubby figures clutching one another.
Together they form a general heart shape.
It is reddish in color and may be jasper.

I found it in a small cave in the Carpathian Alps
where I hid during a storm. It has served me well
in meditation, but I know it must move on.


These are all of a golden color, and of differing
size and shape, but obviously of a set.
Each has five irregular facets and a rounded side
into which is carved a different symbol that I have not been
able to decipher. When rolled like dice,
the revealed sides reflect light in differing ways,
constructing many patterns of light and shadows.

I believe they must have been used for divination
or some ritual and have asked Kiyan.
He has heard of such things and knows they were only used by women.
They are from an area of Europe once known
as Moravia -- found in the ashes of a campfire.

NOTE: if cash purchase is desired instead,

the bidding should start at $80,000 USA for each item.



At 8:21 AM, Blogger Lois said...

Faucon....I quite like the sound of the Stone Figurine,especially the two chubby figures....BUT
The cost seems a bit much...
DO YOU take lay bys or Bankcard or American Express...I would prefer lay-bys if possible and if I could pay for it over 25 years that would be even better...

From Lois (Aged Pensioner of Australia) 8-10-05

At 11:10 AM, Blogger faucon of Sakin'el said...

Tha's why offer to lease, for nothing more than a heartfelt poem.

'tis your if you wish.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger le Enchanteur said...

Priceless items indeed. I might be forced to steal your Dream Seeds idea and take us all off to the Island of Dreams to dream awhile.

At 1:47 AM, Blogger Gwen M. Myers said...

where words of the heart.
Are never ignored
and easily said aloud.
This is the place
where I will say "Home'
And cease sorrowful wanderings
In search of what is not
And cannot be.

This is the place
Where I lay my heart.
And my spirit grows
Rested and joyous again.
This place is where
Anything can happen...

If only you believe.

At 2:18 AM, Blogger faucon of Sakin'el said...

Ah Gwen,

So 'tis you who whispers in my garden -- amidst the leaves
of falling dreams

At 4:59 AM, Blogger Fran said...

A set of old stones, the rune stones that tell me what I am thinking, planning, devising. I hold them in hand and reach far into she-who-is and she-who-might-have-been and find, on the better days She- who- is-me- at- my- best.

At 5:14 AM, Blogger Gwen M. Myers said...

Your words touch me deeply faucon,
and awaken sleeping words.

In The Autumn of The Era:

I am of the Earth, and Sea;
No creature of towering building
Or sprawling suburb could I ever be.

But I hear the ghost of an era long past, where the Garden was more than a patch of land, it was the very life of a people.

Here in my soul-garden are blooms and plants from where the Gods have roamed.

This is the place that I call 'Home'.

In the wells of forever and never; in the Halls of memory and forgetfulness.

The voices of dreams and nightmares echo down ways travelled by a courageous few.

To fly free of flesh and see the world through spirit-eyes shall surely change one.

Your safe life and tales are gone, in their place are questions and sorrows profound or foolish.

Have you wings of spirit, are you a star-child, born of Nuit?

Or are you of the Old Ones, who forged man in defiance of their Lords and Laws?

Here, among the scattered Cards,
Runes, and Stars lie unanswered questions.

Answers for me no more from the Guides and Teachers of my Youth.

Now the Answer is within, buried in the hidden stone.

'Tis my call to mine this, and polish the rare gems there.

At 11:00 PM, Blogger Lois said...

Oh Faucon you are kind to an old aged pensioner (What a distressing title this is, I would prefer to be called (By those in Government) A Woman of Senior Years whom we shall give a pension to.....But they do not heed my words.................

I have reached this age of wisdom
I have cememted my soul in the place
I call mine
I care not what others say of me
When I look in the post box,
Or bring in the morning paper,
Alas in my red dressing gown
Others look and say
"Your Mother did that,but she was much older"
Damm them I think to myself
I love being just like my Mother
It is a compliment I value.

I will lease the Stone Figurine
If it be your wish kind sir.
Guard it with my life
and return it to another when the need arises.....

Lois (Muse of the Sea)13/10/05


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