Sunday, October 02, 2005

Free Magic Support

Performance Magic

I hold to a strict division between the practices of

MAGIC -- as a performing art, and

MAGICK -- as mysterious, supra-natural experiences
normally attendant to wizardry, craft, divination, etc.

I feel it is unethical to misrepresent either in practice,
especially when magic tricks are claimed to be
demonstrations of 'special powers', 'alchemy',
or any 'magickal' ability. Yet, some effects
like the 'pendulum' can fall into either area. What to do?

To this end I am a recognized worldwide expert
in Medieval Magic Performance, assisting those
who wish for effects that are period accurate,
as well as avoiding misrepresentation. Often,
in period tradition, the line between the two areas
is rather 'shadowy'. In the Druid traditions, for example,
Bards regularly performed 'small magic' to warm up the audience;
while Dryads and Priest later shifted to more
'arcane' presentations, but still employed 'tricks'.

For me, how you tell the story makes all the difference.
As a performing magician I can 'pretend' to be a wizard.
If doing any kind of 'ritual', I might use a magic effect,
but would always let it be know that I was only
'demonstrating for emphasis', or 'getting their attention'.

For any of you that wish to do performance magic
in any setting generally considered 'magickal',
I would be willing to assist in effect selection,
patter design and 'routining', as well as discussing
'walking the line'.

No charge, of course, other than sincerity.
If you use your performances for 'gain', however;
a donation to Soul food would seem in order.


Please address queries to:

Kinjal of Moravia


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