Tuesday, October 18, 2005

For Lois

There is a jongleur at the market
who composes rhyme while he dances
and tosses things about ...

Here is a sonnet composed along
the lines of your thoughts ...

the price is that you must pick
a special blossom and give it
to a stranger.



Here in my heart spring there are daffodils
That peek through the tarnished leaves of fall,
And remind that love can from dormant call
And surge above distracting life's travails.

But I find your passion still enthralled
With snowy drifts of soft forgetfulness
That protect - yet hide this year's promise
To hope find ourselves in spirit fulfilled.

Our single needs may not now be the same,
Nor our dreams entwine to a common goal,
But 'tis Heaven's blessing that may enthrall
That our love o' life outlives this winter game.

A bulb once planted holds promise of life
To burst through the frost of earthly strife.


At 6:02 PM, Blogger Lois said...

My roses are opening and will be in full bloom by weekend
To give one to a stranger will not be too difficult.

I love the line in your poem
"A bulb once planted holds promise of life.To burst through the frost of earthly strife "..

So my thoughts are...no matter how the world continues to destroy itself the bulbs will forever pop their heads above the ground till the soil be all and only winter....Lois.x.


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