Saturday, October 15, 2005

Divination -- a gift


Jason retained nothing of the old country --
nothing to remind him of relatives

lost beneath war savaged sands
where fields had once laughed with grain and edging berries.
He changed his name, his manner of dress -- his hair; and yet
the package found him!

The smallish, brown paper wrapped parcel
scarcely held the stamps and dozens of cancellations,
all fading green and scarlet and azure illegibility.
He knew what it was -- and did not fear it;
never believing it would fall to him,
or closely bound by the whispered traditions.

"You are the last," was how the note staarted.
"Life's mysteries number as drops of rain.
Peer within and find an answer to guide you.
Just believe in the power of the Seer,
And act with the wisdom of Trigore"

It didn't look like much.
The gold and amber pendant was no bigger than a robin's egg,
and the woven chain probably had more value;
but he knew that it should open like a locket,
or had on demand for four thousand years --
if held by the rightful owner.

There was a limitation, of course --
the questions asked could never be for personal gain,
the problem could never be one created by oneself,
and the solution had to be enacted, never spoken.
By legend, the amulet was a conduit of power,
which needed an adept to focus its will --
the gift and curse of the ancient seer Trigore.

Thus, Jason had used the Oracle Stone but three times,
though he had opened it in expectation much more often.
Usually it was empty, signaling that he had more work to do;
that the question asked was not specific enough,
or the goal unworthy, or the intent shadowed by greed.

When the miracle happened -- the magick,
a short message was inscribed inside,
readable only by him, for it was in a language
forgotten before Abraham -- but he understood.

He gazed at its brief command now for a forth time,
smiling at the confirmation of what he already knew,
confident now to do what only he could do --
to be what only he could be.

"So simple," he chuckled, and readily claimed the eyes
of all who turned toward him in wonder and surprise.
"You all know the answer," he whispered.
"It is the question you must find.
The solution is always the same!"

Think on it --

and you will know what the stone has inscribed inside.



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